Internet Cafe Romance

internet cafe romance

    internet cafe

  • A place where one can use a computer with Internet access for a fee
  • (Internet cafes) public establishments offering access to Internet-enabled terminals in addition to other services, such as food and drink. Also known as cybercafes and online cafes.
  • An Internet cafe or cybercafe is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the cafe in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate.


  • love affair: a relationship between two lovers
  • woo: make amorous advances towards; “John is courting Mary”
  • A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love
  • relating to languages derived from Latin; “Romance languages”
  • An exciting, enjoyable love affair, esp. one that is not serious or long-lasting
  • Love, esp. when sentimental or idealized

internet cafe romance – Make Mine

Make Mine to Go (Cafe, No. 3)
Make Mine to Go (Cafe, No. 3)
Meet the staff of @cafe: Natalie, Dylan, Blue, Sam, Tanya, and Jason. They run the hippest coffee shop in San Francisco– and they have the coolest site on the Internet.
Dylan can’t stand watching Natalie and Sam together for another minute– he needs to get away. Leaving Sam and Tanya in charge of the cafe, Dylan heads up to Portland to take care of some business. At the last minute he gets an unexpected passenger– Natalie. She insists she needs to go to Portland, too. Dylan knows he can trust Sam with the cafe, but can he trust himself with Natalie? The special of the day could turn out to be betrayal…

Perfect Coaching Centre.

Perfect Coaching Centre.
Date: 03/10/2006 Time: 10:06 PM
Perfect Coaching Centre.
This is next to the internet cafe Nakkhas Lucknow where I would keep in touch with you guys, when someone sent me a message why I was not marrying the Alaskan Fern..
And its all nostalgia..reduced to nothingness.. this guy is a smoker is always sitting there dirty filthy.. once again I dont have that spark in me to find out his story..
And behind every mans despondency and ruin invariably it is a guilty hand of a woman..
And a woman has destroyed killed maimed castrated men more than any man has done to a man… more men have died of woman based hear attacks.. then a normal stroke.. more men have died on the door mats of womens locked doors than on wretched sandunes and mounds of battlefields..
And women love to squeeze our balls like sweet lemon served as an appetizer before breakfast, women crush us like ice cubes on hot and humid day while lazing their twittering tits and flustered asses on the swimming pool..
women ! God where were you when you created woman.. you got conned..and just one woman did that to the Eve ning of your life.. or the leavning of Mans life..
Noun: leaven levun
A substance used to produce fermentation in dough or a liquid
– leavening
An influence that works subtly to lighten or modify something
– leavening

And women is more sin than sinning.
And women writers God save you from them they use you like guinea pigs for their bestsellers , all your sent mail, your spent mail, all your howls and your growls, all your arts and your farts,
all your kisses and your hisses, every detail will be there the size of your dong, how short how long., your bank and your imbalance, aah the alimony cheque, all those woes. those fears,
had man not come from the vaginal corridor, he would still be fucked through a cesarean section..
Oh poor devastated man..
Motherd by one woman and smothered by all women..
Oh poor poor naive man.. simple unscoundrel man.. godly man, god fearing man.. fears woman, woman more than God feared her..
You want to destroy man just hand him in wedlock to a woman.. the man rather the eunnuch priest man who tells you to exchange rings has the best laugh..
I know a bisexual roman catholic priest in my parish.. he woul counsel the couple turn by turn.. always flipping over to the side that mattered..he was recently excommunicated half the little souls and the cheeky meeky altar boys bore an uncanny resemblance to him..He was called Father Do Little…. he did a lot for the parishioners..
And fuck Obqupunx wont believe this.. my friend who god laid by him..male friend said father had tatooed his ass like a local californian cemetry.. Gods Holy Truth..the cemetry was mumbai based..I see California even in my day dreams..
Will continue if I get a good response on my views.. fuck I do love getting fucked by woman…woman writers I mean.. thank God they are only a handfull..
fullhand,,,Full hand (Poker), three of a kind and a pair.

Now that my self exile, has completed its chakra, I have wandered, what I had I squandered, my old views duly laundered..I think women writes a mans life , woman is a born novelist, a chemical romance gone acidic..woman is the unsolved puzzle of life.Sometimes I envy my gay frends, they do not carry the burden of a womans love, the only woman in their life was mom, that her memories they keep throwing out of a running train.Goshdarnit Woman..Of all the women in the world the most complex, the most confused, the most strategically threatning the male variety homo sapiens is the American Women…not the offline American women, the cybernetic cyborgean American woman the power of internet wires that she has attached to mans testicular fortitude…she keeps torturing this simple , humble Internet man.The Internet male chinky, black, brown green caucasoid, they are one big human family of suckers ,
I will give my injured index finger finger fucked typing has been my doom on the Internet.
I have during the days of my despondency, self guilt, all unenduring emotion, seen that what I wrote at Buzznet I could not emulate at Word Press or Bloggerspot..Flickr is a photo gallery auto fucked into censorship.
I tried to question this benumbing thought , asked myself over and over again, why Buzznet?I got one answer, only Buzznet makes American thought into woven dreams of gold, a drop fell from the Lords eye yes he created the Buzznet Blog Goddess.
One drop , Here I have been shedding tears like a rain tree in fall.

Para sempre!

Para sempre!
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Tudo isso vai lembrar Mila e Isa, sempre!
te amo muito.

internet cafe romance

Divine Confidential (The Divine Series #2)
Divine is used to getting what she wants…. Thanks to her loving Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Reed, Divine Matthews-Hardison has a place to call home after the Hollywood life she was accustomed to fell apart at the seams. Getting away from the spotlight that nearly destroyed her own parents, Divine has changed for the better — though there’s still enough diva in Divine to keep life in Temple, Georgia, very lively, from mall shopping with her cousin Alyssa and her fashion-challenged aunt, to worshipping at her uncle’s church, to dating. But what if it’s too much too soon? Divine has boys on the brain and she’s itching for a social life — at least as much as is allowed under Uncle Reed’s watchful eyes. She knows she’s too young for the kind of secretive drama her cousin Chance is going through with his girlfriend, but still…. Turning to the internet, Divine gets a major crush on sixteen-year-old Sean, who sounds and looks like the perfect guy. But she is about to learn a difficult — and potentially dangerous — lesson: Things are not always what they appear to be….